Monday, August 22, 2005

Where Do I Get Ideas for Country Kitchen?

Frequently I’m asked, “Where do you get ideas for your ‘Country Kitchen’ newspaper and online columns?”

I’ve been writing them since the early 1960s for various newspapers, sometimes only one and occasionally for two or three at the same time. Since it’s an area I love and have pretty much free rein with my topics, I usually have no problem coming up with ideas.

When I started writing this column for my hometown weekly in 1963, I had no idea I’d still be producing it more than 40 years later! Also, no idea of the enjoyment writing it would be throughout the years.

The ideas come from my daily life, children and grandchildren, my travels and foods I find in other parts of the country, books I read, history I research, family cookbooks and journals I browse. One might think I’d run out of ideas, but somehow they keep coming.

Chatting with my readers or sharing my ideas and philosophy, one might describe the columns. One reader said reading my columns was like chatting with me over a cup of tea. Another called “Country Kitchen” homespun philosophy. Still one more said my writing brought back memories of good times in her childhood.

If I can help brighten my readers’ day with my musings and sharing, I’ve discovered the secret for my writing.


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