Saturday, December 05, 2009

Collecting Recipe Cards While You Travel

As you travel, you may find interesting postcards and note paper with recipes. These are fun to send to friends and relatives who enjoy cooking and collecting recipes. You also may want to accumulate them yourself.

When I tour various areas of the country, I often look for post cards with regional recipes on them. Some are tasty and others are "far out." Some cards I add to my collection; others I send to friends who want to try new recipes.

Auntie's Note Cards

My aunt, who loved cooking and
recipe collecting, often seemed to find stationery and note paper with recipes and pictures of food. Years ago, when my husband was an Air Force pilot and we lived far from the area where I'd grown up, my aunt wrote me frequently.

So many of her notes contained these pictures of food, cooking utensils, and recipes. "I've tried this one, " she might add. "It's good." These were just like the notes I later found in the margins of her cooking notebook I acquired.

Recipes and Booklets, Too

In addition to cards and note paper, you may find yourself looking for regional cookbooks, with recipes typical of that area. I often discover these and add to my collection or give as gifts to those who enjoy such items.

Each area of the country has its unique foods and cultural customs. As you travel, check out the postcards with regional foods and recipes or note cards and stationery with a culinary theme. Sometimes by combining these with a jar of jelly, cookie cutter, or special tea cup you'll create a thoughtful gift for someone in your life.

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