Monday, May 19, 2008

The Food Bloggers Offer Favorite Food Ideas & Recipes

The Food Bloggers compile some of their favorite posts into weekly offerings. This week, I'm sharing the ideas with readers here at Country Kitchen.

At Busy Family Meals Cyndi is polling your summertime eating preferences...come vote, and let your voice be heard!

HG, You Go Girl! Jean reviews Hungry Girl's new recipe book. It blasted onto the NY Times Best Sellers List as #2!

Healthy Eating - Sometimes Challenging for the Home Business Owner Mary Emma Allen, at Home Biz Notes, shares ideas on how the time pressed home business owner , or anyone, can eat better.

Publish Your Own Cookbook Eileen tells you how easy it is to publish your own cookbook of family or club recipes. Start gathering up everyone's favorites now!

Enjoy! Share with us some of your favorite recipes.

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